Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Hello there, I'm back..

Looks like I need to update my postponed blog as soon as possible.


I was so excited to go Wellington even though It was a long journey  from Napier to Wellington.

I was  in Wellington for 6 days. Actually, I just wanted to stay for 2 or 3 night only. But,  I extended my stay until 6 days.

I stayed at Nomad Capital Hostel and I like this hostel so much ~.clean and better than other backpackers hostel.....If I'm not wrong, this hostel also known as 5 star accommodation for backpackers. Their staff also friendly and ready to help you if you need some information about Wellington.

Front office staff were so kind to me. She gave me free drink coupon, apparently, she knew I love party and drink. Without wasting my time, I went to the bar called Blend (located at the first floor of the hostel).

For Muslim, to get a Halal foods is easy. Wellington has many Malaysian Restaurant.

The best thing I  did in Wellington, I've got a chance to go 'Lord Of The Rings' film location. I booked a half day tour only because that was the cheapest tour for Lord Of The Rings film location.
If I'm  not mistaken, I paid NZD99 for a half day tour. we had our tour guide to explain where and what happened during the filming of Lord of The Rings..
Actually, I've  never watched this film before, and I am not a fan of the movie. I just want to take pictures and have fun with other visitors. Four of them were from California and  a guy from Britain. I had so much fun and .they were so friendly.
we had a muffin and a cup of coffee for lunch.

I like to drink in the bar. So, I checked my NZ guide book. A bar called HAVANA on the list and I really want to go there.
I called a cab to drive me there and  the place was so boring!!! OMG....I thought it was a club and play Latin songs. Apparently, it was just a small bar and I only ordered a glass of whisky before I go back to my hostel.
Early in the morning~~
I went to Botanical Garden and Cable Car Museum.
You need to take cable car to go up there.
I just want to take some pictures and nothing special and interesting.......quite boring for me.

Overall I like Wellington........

 Cuba Street

 burger king!!!!!....Most of the staff here are Asian.

 look at their library.....so fabulous... I love it..

 museum of New Zealand......free entry...(in Auckland, you have to pay)

 Museum Hotel.....

 yeah....party time!!!!!!

 OMG....I was so fat!!!!

 membership card for NOMADS....You can get discount on accommodation if you have this card....

That's all for today and please wait for my Wellington PART 2.....I am so tired today and need to sleep.....

bye fabulous people....xoxo

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