Thursday, October 25, 2012

Christchurch NZ


It's been a while...I didn't update my blog and kinda lazy...I thought about deleting or stop blogging but I love the memories I had in this blog. So, I continue blogging for myself and for people who like to read my blog. Anyone?

Well, I don't want to write a very long story here. I just want to share with you guys about my last destination in New Zealand ~ CHRISTCHURCH.

The city is quite boring for me. Sorry to say that but It is just my personal view.

Here are some photos taken before the earthquake in Christchurch 2011.....I think now Christchurch is totally different....

waiting for our dinner get ready at Coker Backpacker.....


i have no idea what is this?

we found it near our carpark.....

New Brighton Pier

monkey bar

tramway restaurant

one of our friend's house


pink colour rubbish it!!!!

we stayed here for 12 this place..

Percutian ke Krabi, Thailand.

Hari ni merupakan hari kemerdekaan Malaysia yang ke 59. Jadi saya nak beralih ke bahasa melayu lah..asyik berbahasa orang putih je macam ma...