Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Only me and camera

Hello my fabulous readers,

today my post is more on my picture.Few years back, I love to take picture of myself or 'selfie'. 
Unfortunately, I have lost my interest on 'selfie'  maybe because I am not attractive and became fat.
Sometimes, I cannot accept the fact that I am so fat right now. I was so skinny back in 2009 and now my weight is almost 80kg. When you put on weight, of course it will affect your appearance too.

Here are some pictures taken when i was so skinny. (2008-2009)

gorgeous? hahaha i love my pictures when i was skinny.

So sad when i look at my picture now(2013-2014). Not only fat but ugly....haissss

i want to slim down badly but I am so lazy to go gym, exercise and follow diet plan.....

I love foods so much...hahaha

That's all for now.....till we meet again


Reasons for being lazy to update my blog

Hello my fabulous readers....

let me tell you all, why am I so lazy and unmotivated to update this blog...

1. I don't have a good camera to take picture. This is one of the main reason. I believe as a blogger, you need to have a good camera to make a great picture and readers are more interested to read your blog. If i had a smart phone with good camera, that would be perfect for me.Unfortunately, i have lost my Samsung note 2 and Samsung S3. So disappointed with myself for being careless.

2. I've been busy with work. I think for almost 2 years since I moved to KL, Malaysia.
Honestly, i don't really get used to work in Malaysia after working so many years in Singapore. Anyway I have to adapt myself to 'Malaysian style'.

3. Seriously, I don't know what topic I should write on my blog. I started blogging about travel, but since I moved to KL, I don't even have a chance to travel. Money is always an issue here..always broke!!!

4. I became FAT. How I became fat? I have no idea. I only realized I've gained weight when i did my bungee jumping few years back. My friends started to comment on my pictures that I've gained weight. This is one of the reason why I have lost interest on taking picture.

5.Low traffic volume. Yes, that's really tough to get readers to read your blog. I've been blogging since 2010 and I've never had a high traffic volume...so sad.

First time when i started my blog, I just want to be famous just like any other blogger. **dreaming mode**
As I grow older, I realized it was just a dream. Now, I just want to keep writing and make it as a habit. At the same time I really want to improve my writing skill.

If  you read my previous post, my writing skill is not up to standard and I use lot of 'singlish'. According to Wikipedia , Singlish is colloquial Singaporean English is an English-based creole language spoken in Singapore.

Last but not least, I will blog in Malay Language as well because I can speak and talk in Malay language fluently. Trust me....It is a beautiful language. I hope I can be a novel writer. Make  sure you buy my book!!! will you?

That's all for now.....


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