Friday, January 28, 2011


hello guys.

sorry to keep you guys waiting for my blog update.

let me continue.

23rd December ~ our first day trip to south island. We don't want to waste our time in North Island.

We took ferry to South Island from Wellington to Picton by Interislander Ferry.
That was my first time took ferry and I really enjoyed it with my crazy Japanese friends.

here are some photos of me and my Japanese friends..

 Finally, we've arrived at Picton and continued our journey to Nelson~.driving non stop....damn tired , poor Ai and Yoko, take turn to drive and I only sit, eat and drink my wine non stop...haha...don't blame me coz i got no licence..huhu

It was so hard to find a place to stay because all the accommodation were fully booked.
We planned to stay at Paradiso BP, but it was fully booked.

So, we went to information centre and  booked our accommodation from I-centre...luckily we've got one place available and cheap.
* You don't have to worry if you want to find a place to stay, just go to I- centre and they will help you to find an accommodation and the best thing about New Zealand, they have information centre in every tourist destination. You also can book your bus ticket there.*

We stayed at 'The Custom House' with the room rate of NZD35 per night. Three of us share 1 room with 4 beds. The room was quite small  but we love the place, very quiet, comfortable and free use of WiFi and we love it!
We always prefer a place with free WiFi because three of us bring our own laptop.

At 'The Custom House' we met Max, a funny guy from France.

Next day, We still in Nelson, and went to Tahunanui beach, not so far from 'The Custom House'......
well, we planned to go the Centre of New Zealand but unable  to find a place....we got lost somewhere! give up and met another Japanese friend, Yumi but she doesn't look like Japanese..LoL

our car's break got some problem and we need to change our car.....after everything done, we went to the library to use Internet. Do you guys know, to use internet in NZ is so expensive....that's why we always go to the  library to use free internet.

that night, 3 of us were so tired and decided not to cook  and bought our dinner from no cooking that night.......
crazy Ai and Yoko, suddenly got an idea to put a make-up on my face.....awwww aarrrrrggg..that was crazy 'coz they force me.......damn it!!!!  it was fun also....miss those days...hehe



 do u guys know the meaning of 'paru paru' in Malay language?

 free coffee and tea at the custom love coffee..huhu

 i think we missed the sunset.....

 this is the place where we stayed for 2 nights...'.the custom house BP'

 Ai....whats the hell r u doing???hahaha...

 cheeky monkey pose by Ai .....huhu

 haha funny

 on the way back to our BP...

 rolling her tobacco......

 coffee and smoking time......

 ta daa....... my face after make-up by Ai and Yoko.....eeeee disgusting eh???


we spent 2 nights in Nelson and we definitely love the place.Unfortunately,we have to go to our next destination and pick up someone at Blenheim. A Japanese guy~he wanted to join us. So, we can save a lots on our petrol and accommodation. Sharing is caring, right?

that's all for today.....keep reading my blog.........

love you all.....xoxo

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