Thursday, January 13, 2011

Rotorua and Napier( part 2)


welcome back to my blog~ ~ ~just a quick update.

14th December
back to Rotorua because I need to collect my IRD number.( IRD number is a number issued by Inland Revenue for those who wants to work and earn income in New Zealand.

I applied  my IRD number in Rotorua and they say it will take 1 week to process the application.
I also used Hot Rock Base's address to apply for my IRD number. So, I need to go back to Rotorua.

I applied for IRD number in case I  want to work in New Zealand . I was under working holiday visa, and
 what I heard from others, working there is not compulsory if you are under Working holiday visa.....
By the way, I was so lazy to work.
Anyway I stayed at Base again for 1 night only and ask Base's staff whether they receive any later under my name from Inland Revenue......unfortunately,......NO!  Really waste my time and money.
so, I booked a bus ticket to Napier again.

Napier part 2

Back to Napier again, I had so much fun in Napier because I met 2 Japanese girls.I was in Napier for 1 week and stayed at Blue water lodge. I paid NZD100 per week. That was pretty cheap.

Nothing much I can do in Napier this time. I spent most of my money on shopping spree. I love shopping in Napier,and yes I really need retail therapy.

I met 2 Japanese girls, Yoko and Ai Nakamura.
Yoko was my room -mate and she invited me to go around Napier because they've got a car and easy to go around Napier.
We went to Botanical Garden and sheep skin factory and I love it. I was so happy because I have new friends and travel together. How nice was that?  till now, they are still my friend and keep in touch especially with Ai Nakamura.

At night, we went to the local bar. We drink, dance, take photo and drunk. I was  okay  but Yoko and Ai were totally drunk that night....LOL  can't stop laughing and it was hilarious.

Yoko and I

Ai, Yoko and Fabulous Ricolicious! haha

we had our lunch here.....

i love this shop...You can find anything  here( antique stuff)

botanical garden


 Tomas from Czeh Republic and Ai.....

 Ai, can u stop doing your funny face??? hahaha

 gone wild....

 my first time, bought cigarettes  from vending machine...hahaha

 latitude bar......

 sexy pose by Ai Nakamura.....huhuh....awwww i like....

 tequila!!!!!!!! i love tequila.....wahahaha

 omg.....look at her....drunk already ar....

 camwhore in my room...

 I was craving for Asian, I went to this restaurant.....Indonesian restaurant...

 Tui beer...local beer(Nz beer) not bad lah.....

that's all for today..............keep reading my blog............................

see ya......xoxo

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