Saturday, February 12, 2011

Oamaru and Invercargill

Hello guys

Woke up early morning again to pack our stuff and check-out from Lake front lodge backpackers.

I can't bear to leave Lake Tekapo...*sob*.... the best place in New Zealand.

Yeah, we must go to our next destination and Shinji need to go somewhere.

Shinji decided to go Dunedin because he loves surfing. I knew that Dunedin is the place for surfers.
On the way to Dunedin, we stopped by at OAMARU for a while because we wanted to see yellow penguins.
We also went to the beach and saw a large stone in round shape...(Moeraki boulder New Zealand).
I've never seen a unique stone like this before....amazing!!!


stunning and fabulous view.....

 my breakfast of the day.....egg sandwich, latte and white wine.......



 outside fish and chips shop...camwhore while waiting for my food ready....


 Moeraki boulder.....

 not sure what is this???

Not even half an hour, we left Oamaru because we need to send Shinji to Dunedin and pick up someone there.
Another Japanese girl  joined our trip.........ermmmmm looks like she is a good girl.
she doesn't smoke and make us feel uncomfortable when we smoke in the car. BUT we just don't care and still smoking in the car...hahaha......sorrry Natsumi....

welcome to the club Natsumi........huhuhu

continue our long journey again....... everyday need to think which place to go first....and which way should we go? sometimes, our plan failed and lost in the middle of nowhere...
should we blame a map for making us confuse? Or we don't know how to read map?
I admit that I am really don't know how to read map....

Again, we stopped somewhere to take a rest before our next destination, INVERCARGILL.

only can see penguin from here!!! my camera cannot zoom a far and small... cute.....

this photo taken by Natsumi's camera.....

guess what she drink???

We were thinking whether to drive all the way to Invercargill or just find a place to stay somewhere, unfortunately we couldn't find a place to stay....all fully booked!!!!

So, no choice, just drive all the way to Invercalgill and when we reached there, Yoko and I tried to call and book motel. Most of the places were closed.

Finally, we found a place to stay and thanks to the lady for being nice and kind to us though .She told us that the motel closed after 10:30pm and she let us to stay there.She gave us some info about Steward Island. We wanted to go but the ferry ticket was so expensive and at the same time ,there was an event going on that day. Next time maybe?

I don't know anything about Invercargill because we got no chance to explore more.

 Natsumi and Yoko share this room

 Ai Nakamura and I share this room....

 this is our motel....quiet place...

So, Oamaru and Invercargill done!!!!  keep reading my blog and next destination is Te Anau......see ya





  1. lots of your head shots!

    awwww I miss traveling w you...
    but we need to sleep in different room tho.
    coz u r .......!!! by Shinji


  2. miss travelling w u too....haaha..ya lah...coz nobody take photo for me....
    u r 'teriburu'(terrible)......lols


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