Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Napier (north island NZ)

hello fabulous.......

NAPIER.....I fell in love with Napier.

For your info, Napier is the main city for Hawke's Bay..

Trust me, you will like the place.

I took a bus from Taupo at 12.45, .2 hours from Taupo to Napier.
Damn ! It was so quiet at the bus terminal and closed,  no one was there. How to ask for the direction if the information counter closed?
I  refer to  my lonely planet guide book and look for the information on accommodation around there. So, I called YHA and reserved the room and called cab immediately.

While waiting for a cab, someone came to me and ask me whether I need her help. She told me that she is from Taiwan and waiting for her friend at the bus terminal.
She really want to help me but I  already called a cab.
After 3 minutes, a yellow cab arrived and guess what?... not even 3 minutes, I already in front of  the YHA.....oh no!!!! how stupid I was. Don't even  know how to read a simple map and I failed to be a backpacker.

As usual, I stayed in a single room....OMG... what a nice place I ever seen from my window....windy, good weather and fresh air.
I can see south pacific ocean from my window. AMAZING..

 I just put my luggage and bring my camera out of my room. I just can't wait to take some photos and went to the park in front of YHA Napier.
It was so cold  with amazing view. Totally relax my mind, body and soul.

Next day, I woke up so late almost 11 am because I felt so comfortable. OMG, I really  love this place.
I went out to town area and took some photos of the building around there.
After few hours, I was so thirsty and  went to the Irish bar. I ordered a glass of Guinness stout. Damn,  I love Guinness Stout..
The bar staff looked at me and asked for my ID. So, I  showed them my passport and they say  looked so young. LOL...she thought that I was under aged.

My last day in Napier~ ~ ~
I booked my bus ticket to Wellington from I-site Napier. ( Information centre ).
I met a British girl, she also stayed at YHA and we shared about our travel experiences. She started travelling at young age.
I felt very comfortable talk to her until I didn't realize how many stick of cigarettes I have smoked.

let me share some photos with you guys......

 YHA Napier....

 view from my window

 Singapore restaurant...

 my room NZD45 per night.

nice eh.....

 weekend market..haha...

 my first New Zealand

 look at my skin.....must use sun protection when you go out......

 don't drink in this area....

 i love the colours....fabulous

YHA......I wish I could stay in this kind of house forever. I feel at home.

 Marine Parade in Napier, NZ , not only in Singapore..

That's all for now.....don't forget to read 'Napier part  2' Napier part  2, I  met new friends, Japanese girls..
more fun, photos and drunk moment!!!!!!

see ya


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