Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Koh samui

Hello guys,
I went to Koh Samui Thailand last week, 15th August 2016.
It was a short trip.
My friend and I had planned this trip 4 months ago.

How to go there:

It is so expensive to take direct flight to Koh Samui, maybe because of Koh Samui Airport is privately owned by Bangkok Airways. It can cost you more than RM1000!
So, We decided to take AirAsia flight from Kuala Lumpur to Surat Thani, Thailand. My flight ticket was less than RM300.
Our flight departed from Kuala Lumpur at 1 p.m and touched down at Surat Thani Airport at 1:30 p.m local time (Thailand). Time difference between Malaysia and Thailand is 1 hour.
It was a long queue at the immigration as only 2 counters were opened. We need to catch a bus to the ferry terminal!
After immigration and custom clearance, We straight away go to Phantip Travel Agent counter and bought tickets for our bus, ferry, and mini van to the hotel.
It was 1100 Thai Bath includes return tickets. I think this price is reasonable. I would recommend this travel agent and no need to worry about transportation anymore. The price includes bus to Seatran ferry terminal, ferry to Nathor Pier, Koh Samui, and mini van to your choice of hotel in Koh Samui.
Take note!  it was a long journey and tiring. Bus from airport to Seatran ferry terminal, journey time approximately 1.5 hour, ferry also 1.5 hour and lastly mini van to our hotel in Cheweng area, was almost an hour.

If you don't have any plan on what to do in Koh Samui, don't worry! Staff from Phantip will be available on the bus to promote tour package.
So guys, I would highly recommend anyone to buy tour package from them. It is much more cheaper then you buy somewhere in Koh Samui.
For example, if you want to take day tour package to Koh Nan yuan and Koh Tao island snorkeling trip, better buy from them. That time they offer us cheap price compare to normal price of 1800-2000 Thai Bath. It was 1300 Thai Bath only, so take it! Don't expect you can get cheaper than this outside. My friend tried to ask travel agent in Koh Samui, the price for the tour are mostly around 2000 Thai Bath .

These are Phantip tour package.

OK...back to my story. We reached at the hotel quite late though. It was really a long journey.

Where I stay in Koh Samui?

We choose to stay at Cheeky Monkey Samui hostel. I stayed there for 2 nights, double room with balcony and the price was quite reasonable at total of 1800 Thai Bath.
I love this hostel. Even though the space is quite small but I felt so comfortable. Don't forget to enjoy your happy hour drink at their rooftop bar and enjoy their food. If you feel hot in a sunny day, jump to the pool!.. haha

my comfy bed.....

Cheweng is the busiest place in Koh Samui. If you don't like busy street, maybe you can choose to stay in other area in Lamai. It is not as busy as Cheweng.
Cheweng street has so many things to offer. There are plenty of western restaurants, street foods vendor, shopping places, mini marts, travel agents, money changers and many more. You can find almost everything in Cheweng area.

Your vacation in Koh samui is not complete without going to the beach. Cheweng beach is just a 5-minute walk from my hostel.

OK... Now, once again I would like to remind those who take route go to Koh Samui via Surat Thani.
Make sure to check out early. As early as 6 a.m, even though in your mini van ticket stated that you need to wait at the hotel lobby at 6:30.

For your own safety, wait before 6:30 a.m. I was at the lobby at 6:10 a.m and the van was already there waiting for me. The van driver will go to other hotel to pick up other passengers, so be punctual.
Remember. If you missed the mini van, that's mean you will miss your flight for sure, and there is only one flight for a day fly from Surat Thani to Kuala Lumpur. If you missed the flight today, you have to wait another flight the day after tomorrow.

I was a bit shocked and worried on my way back. The mini van stopped at bus terminal and not directly go to ferry terminal. 
You have to wait for a bus that go to the ferry terminal. You have to keep asking and confirm with bus driver which bus.

After 1.5 hour journey with ferry, you have to walk immediately go to the bus station and find a bus that go to the airport. Same here too, you need to ask if you don't know because not all bus go to the airport. Some bus here are going to Phuket, Krabi and kao Kak.
And yes, another 1.5 hour journey to reach Surat Thani.

You will reach at the airport approximately 11:30 a.m, still have time for your coffee and smoking. Flight  time is at 1p.m.

Well, as I still have 'unfinished business' in Koh Samui due to very short trip, I will be back to Koh Samui and explore more places there.




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