Tuesday, January 4, 2011


hello fabulous.....let me continue my blog about New Zealand...

After Auckland, I decide to go somewhere because I don't want my trip end in Auckland.
So, I went to Rotorua. Actually, I know nothing about Rotorua but I heard about this place before from other backpackers.

So, I booked my bus ticket to Rotorua and the journey took about 3 hours from Sky City(bus terminal), Auckland.

Rotorua is the best place in New Zealand if you want to feel the unique culture of Maori and experience geothermal areas. Trust me, you will like this place.

Rotorua also one of the best place for those who loves extreme activities.

Back to my experience, I stayed at Kiwi Paka (backpackers accommodation) for one night only.
I don't really like the place AND that's why I only stay there one night.

Next day, I packed my stuff and check out from Kiwi Paka. I stayed at Ibis Hotel.

OMG, I love Ibis Hotel and the room rate was quite cheap and affordable....NZD79 per night!
Hotel staff were so friendly and I  felt very welcomed and comfortable. My room was clean and spacious.

01 December 2009
I packed my stuff again and stayed at Base Hot Rock ( Base is one of the most popular accommodation for backpackers and flashpackers)...That was my first time, I stayed in the dorm room and shared with 2 ladies and a guy from Australia.
I felt awkward but I had no choice because all single rooms were fully booked. 

Next day I moved to Ibis hotel again....LOL.. second time stay at Ibis Hotel. I have to share room with other backpackers and that's why I moved back to Ibis Hotel...

I was in Rotorua for 3 days but I didn't go anywhere. So, I forced myself to book a trip to 'HELL'S GATE'
and Wai Ora Spa.
I had my mud bath, Geothermal reserve walk, and sulphur spa and that cost me NZD115.00. For me,  quite expensive right? be prepared because your  body will smell like a rotten egg ...LOL, because of the smell, I had to throw my short.
They also sell mud spa product,  T-shirts, key chains, and  hat also available for sale......

Here are some photo taken from my Rotorua trip..

 Internet in New Zealand can be considered EXPENSIVE

 this is the place where I stay KIWI PAKA...

 I stayed in this block....looks like school  huh?

I love this place...fresh air.


 Kuirau Park....just opposite Base Hot Rock

 Ibis Hotel...my favourite hotel in Rotorua....

 Actually I don't know how to read map....haha...failed!!!!1

 map looks simple but I  always confuse and lost my way...hahah


 I don't  have a chance to watch this.

 view from my room...Ibis hotel

 awwww...so messy....maps, guide book and etc.....

 view from Base....Hot Rock (backpackers accommodation)

view from Base

 i had my fish and chip and beer here!!!! at Base

 hell's gate

 this is where i had my mud bath....smells like rotten egg....

 after mud bath, I soaked myself in this pool

 before leaving my hotel room...ibis hotel

 Rototua tourism centre...
 hot water

 while waiting for the bus....

Bye Hell's Gate......and Rotorua.....I was so happy because  I have  tried the mud spa in Rotorua..

At least, I tried something new and this time I took lot of pictures...

After Rotorua, I  went to Taupo....so keep reading my blog.......

to be continued....xoxox

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