Wednesday, January 5, 2011


hello fabulous friends.

welcome back to my blog. Today,  I'm going to continue with my blog about Taupo, New Zealand.

After my trip in Rotorua, I went to Taupo. The journey from Rotorua tourism centre took about 1 hour.

Taupo is much better than Rotorua, I think so, because I can see there were many choices of  cafe, restaurant and shop around here.

Before I go to the hostel, I had my beer, fish and chip in the bar called 'The Shed'.Nice bar and friendly staff as well....thumbs up!!!!

In  Taupo I stayed at backpackers accommodation. The place called 'Urban Retreat Taupo, '
Here, I met a Brazilian girl and she was so friendly. She also travelling alone in New Zealand at that time.

Next day in Taupo,I still got nothing to do. Actually my plan in Taupo was to go Wairakei Terrace, Unfortunately, they don't provide shuttle bus from the hostel.
Bungy Jump also quite pricey.
Then, I booked a bus ticket to Napier, my next destination in New Zealand.

some photos for you guys......

 single room

 urban retreat Taupo......where i stayed for 2 nites

 i had my beer, fish and chip here!!!!

 i love their flower...

 Lake taupo.....Do you guys know the size of lake taupo?? about the same size as Singapore

McDonald's flight....where to? can see ducks everywhere in New Zealand. YES everywhere!

 Base in was fully booked!!!!

that's all for now.......see ya for my next destination in New Zealand.....

next stop.......Napier...


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