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Auckland City( north island NZ)

Kia Ora....(Maori language). It means 'hi'.......

welcome back to my blog..

As promised, I will write a blog about my trip to New Zealand and share with fabulous people out there.

New Zealand is the best place for those who loves nature......

I start from Auckland.

23rd November 2009
I chose  Singapore Airlines from Changi Airport Singapore. Take off at 21:15 PM  and touched down in Auckland international airport at 11:15 AM (local time).
Never came across my mind that Auckland international airport is damn small. I don't feel like I was in Auckland that time.
After immigration and custom clearance, I went out straight away from the airport and looked for smoking area. For a heavy smoker like me, for sure, looking for a smoking area is the first thing on my mind.
It was so cold outside even though it was summer.
I felt very tired and lazy to take bus to the hostel and I decided to take a cab. Guess how much I have to pay for my taxi fare?
NZD70.00 ,  if  I'm  not mistaken..almost hundred bucks.  So , if you want to save money, TRY not to take cab, unless you are very tired. I would recommend you to take  the airport bus and it is much more cheaper.
I stayed at Nomads Fusion Hostel, one of the famous flashpacker accommodation in New Zealand. I've made a booking online for the accommodation when I was in Singapore to avoid fully booked during summer holiday.
The place was quite good, comfortable and convenient.
I stayed there for 2 nights and cost me NZD176.00
Room rate for dorm( share with 6-8 people) is much more cheaper...less than NZD20.00 per night...So, if you are on budget holiday, better choose dorm room if you don't mind to share with other backpackers.
* my first time stay at flashpacker/backpacker accommodation, just want to try new thing* i kinda like this experience because this is a chance for you to meet new people.

27th November 2009

due to no more room available, no choice!!! must find another place to stay. I tried to call some other backpacker places but failed.So I decided to stay in the hotel. I found the cheapest hotel in the city and cost me NZD98.00 per night,considered the cheapest in town.
I stayed at Kingsgate Hotel for one night only.
I went to rose garden which is in front of the hotel and took some pictures around that area....nothing special around there.The place was very quiet, not many guest stay there and the staff was not friendly during my check-in. 

here are some photos for you guys

 my messy room after check in

 my room no. they still using this kind of key.

 This is Auckland city, view from the hotel

Overall, what I think about Auckland city? There are so many Asian in Auckland especially Korean

Shopping in Auckland?? no no no...I still prefer Singapore for shopping! Singapore is the best place to go because Singapore is paradise for those who loves shopping. So DO NOT waste your money here.

Foods also expensive, especially Asian food. If you want to eat Asian food, I would recommend you to buy at the supermarket and cook yourself.

Generally, people in Auckland are quite friendly.....

They have different accent from other english-speaking country. First time in New Zealand, I was like very confuse and no clue. Here are some example of the words I've noticed.
1) do you have a pen? but it sounds like.... do you have a pin?

2) bist friends= best friends
3) tin packs  =ten packs
4) sex dollars= six dollars

and many more words...So, get ready with that accent okay.......don't blur like me...hur!!!!

add some photos of auckland city for you guys......

 sky tower for sky jump activity.....

 liquor ban area...

 sky city. casino

 look at that....I don't have a chance to jump from sky sad!!!!

 almost traffic jam


 like what i said, lots of korean in Auckland....this is korean shop

guess how much? my first rice I had in New Zealand and cost me ALMOST NZD10!!!!!

 place where I had my first Asian food in Auckland.....

 the first beer I had in New Zealand.....

Cotton On shop..

 IMAX theater

nasi padang...yum yum..delicious...too bad, it was closed!!!!

 aww...makes me scared to smoke..haha

 Nomads Fusion Hostel (backpackers/flashpackers accommodation)

plat no: vodka....haha

see stop Rotorua....


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