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5 reasons why front desk officer dislike you that you might not know.

Hello guys, I would like to apologize in advance if any of my readers out there feel offended or unhappy when reading this. I am talking about hostel and budget hotel where I worked before. (Part-time job)
This post merely share my experiences working in the hotel as a Front Desk Officer or should I call it my confession as a Front Desk Officer? You judge!
One of the reason why I write this post is to create awareness to the people out there some knowledge on basic rules at the budget hotel especially in Malaysia.
Well, I am not saying, I hate my job but i rather take this a challenge. We have to deal with different types of people from around the world, from bad people to awesome people. Sounds so exaggerating? HAHA

OK, just straight to the points. Here are 5 reasons why front desk officer dislike you that you might not know.

1) No cash but refuse to use card.

Many hotels in Malaysia require deposit upon check-in but some hotel will let you check-in without deposit. Whatever it is, all depends on hotel's policy and we accept Ringgit Malaysia (RM) ONLY.
It's not a problem if you don't have any  cash /local currency, you may use your credit card or debit card.
It's so annoying when you have a guest who doesn't have any cash and refused to use credit card upon check-in at the hotel. I had some guest who doesn't have any cash and refused to pay by credit card but request to check-in without payment until they able to change money at money changer. SERIOUSLY???? Duh!!! Most of the cases, I just let them check-in without paying because they promised to pay as soon as possible,and their reason will be like  'oh i just want to put my stuff in the room first, I will go out and change some cash later, some will say, 'well, money changer are not open', and many more reasons! but after that, they just stay in the room and they will ignore you when you try to call them. This is very risky for us as a front desk officer because we did not follow the hotel's policy!

So next time, when you check-in at the hotel we don't want to hear your bulls**t. Go and change your money first!

2) Early check-in and late check-out

Damn, I hate those guest who wants to check-in early for free of charge but they ignore their check-out time.
Most hotels in Malaysia, check-in time is 2pm and check-out time is 12 noon. Please ask if you don't know or not sure about if. Here are some examples :
If you take flight at night and reached at the hotel around 5 a.m or 6 a.m, hotel will charge you half-day or 50% from your room rate if you want to check-in early. If you are lucky enough, during low season or low occupancy, you might get free of charge early check-in. So, make sure you ask politely for that.

Please check-out before 12 noon. Front desk officer will call room to room as a reminder to check-out at 12 noon and ask whether you want to extend your stay or check-out. Take note, front desk officer will keep calling until you answer the call and give confirmation. They hate it when some guest are not answering their phone call and totally ignore it.
Don't let them call security and kick you out of the room or charge you for late check-out. You have to understand that there are another guest might have reserved your room and they need time to clean-up the room before arrival of new guest.

3) Yell at Front Desk Officer.

Some guest are so arrogant. Don't think you pay for your room, you can do whatever you want and act like a king! Personally, I had this experience. The guest yelled at me in front of other guest. They want full refund and cancel the booking because they were not satisfied with the room conditions. I was so embarrassed and felt humiliating by the guest. Dealing with these kind of guest, front desk officer just need to keep calm and tolerate.
 To the guest,whoever you are, there is no point of you yelling at front desk officer when something can be solved easily. If the problem doesn't work for you, try to talk with the manager. Front desk officer has no authorization on decision pertaining to refund or cancellation.

There is no problem that cannot be solved
                ~Francois Viete~

4) Refuse to give I.D

Especially local people, they always refuse to give their I.D during check-in. Guest need to provide their I.D  during check-in for the registration  and record purposes. So why did they refused?
Hmmmm...I'm not going to explain more details on this. Only those who works in hospitality industry knows why and what's happening behind the closed door.
Whatever it is, we don't really care. That's not our business.
We only do our part to follow every procedure by the hotel.

5) Fussy guest
 Make a guess! Do you know guest from which country has the most complaints in the hotel? Well, I'm not going to tell you unless you ask me! No one ask me though.
Anyone working in the hotel should know this very well. Haha
First of all, as a hotel guest, if you stay at budget hotel, please don't expect too much! What do you expect? You get what pay for.
Some request are just nonsense. Sometimes, some of the thing which is not available at the hotel. Here are some example 'can I borrow a phone charger?  Why don't you provide a toothbrush/ toothpaste? There is no shaver in the room? Do you have condom?~~~ just go and buy or bring your own things.
And...for the complaints King/ queen will say:
'your curtain so dirty'
'The WiFi is so slow'
Hey, why there is no fridge in the room?
Your towel is not clean enough!
My room is so small! Your toilet is very small!
Your TV is not a new model.
Aircond is not cold enough.

 Those are common complaints we received and get used to these complaints. We try our best to improve and provide good service even though we work in budget hotel.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Nevertheless , I love my job and not all guest are bad. Some are super nice, awesone and fun to deal with.

Below are my pictures as a Front Desk Officer at budget hotel.

If you recognize me after reading my blog, I'll give you a discount if you check-in at the hotel where I work! Just say ' fabulous ricolicious' when you check-in at the hotel. I will not reveal the hotel name..but I will give you a hint...located at city center of Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

Good luck and bye for now!


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